This PDF was written not long after Mage: the Awakening was first published, and well before Tome of the Watchtowers. Its goal is to give. The Creative Thaumaturgy thread is awesome, but it is so long it is hard to look things up in it. You can sort by Arcana or Potency or author, etc. Midnight Entity > Mage: the Awakening > ~ Creative Thaumaturgy of the Practices and the purviews of the Arcana, I’m more comfortable.

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What do you suppose makes the most sense? However, a mage’s pattern may not:.

Mage/Creative Thaumaturgy

None When cast, this spell makes an object lose substance in relation to another specific object of the caster’s chosing called a key, made through a separate spell. Spells that cross the Gauntlet are Withstood by the local Gauntlet Strength. None The attacking mage must be able to perceive the ghost, either once the ghost has manifested or using a spell such as Speak with the Dead MTA Additionally, a mage with time 3 may spend an additional mana to make this spell last an entire scene.

Spells that grant bonus dots to traits can belong to nearly any Practice, depending on what the Trait represents. Each success thaumatjrgy acts as one automatic success on all extended and instant rolls to resist diseases, poisons or drugs. This also applies to spells that simply increase a dice pool. This healing is compatible with the Quick Healer Merit.

Creative Thaumaturgy Index – Onyx Path Forums

Sorry if this is rather rough A more advanced version of the “Physical Reconfiguration” spell p. The hhaumaturgy of the spell seems debatable, however. I’ll work out the specifics when I look through the mage book. Basicaly, it counts as an awful lot of spells for the purposes of spell tolerance.


You can go to or affect another place, can you make a copy of a thaumqturgy and put it somewhere else with all the included phenomena inside it? After reading, I was able to very easily make up my mind about which Arcanum to use, the Practice, and any other details I needed to zrcana this spell. Using Forces to manipulate Lasers This one I only just came up with. The Dethroned Queen] San Diego: Matter — materials, molecular structures, chemistry, supernal materials.

The Awakening 2nd Edition] Basics of Spellcasting. This functions much like the Death 3 spell Sculpt Ephemera.

Arcana of Creative Thaumaturgy – Axis Tenebrae

We are starting with a clean slate as far as Creative Thaumaturgy goes. Cost-1 mana Duration-Prolonged With prime four advanced prolonged duration can be applied Sound about right? The mage, through the use of this spell, can steal the very will of another to use for their own purposes and in so doing also denying their subject the use of the same. Finally, characters who spend most of their time under the influence of this spell lengthen their lifespans by 25 years for every dot of the Life Arcanum the caster possesses.

Like Body Mastery pMysterium before it, the mage is able to invigorate the target’s body, causing all forms of damage to heal more rapidly. I’d say Practice of Patterning, obviously Vulgar in aspect I’ll go ahead and write that spell up tonight.

Most players will be somewhere in-between once they get the hang of it. The following spells are non-canon Creative Thaumaturgy Spells that are approved for play on Fallcoast. I was imagining my character turning little things like screws and bolts into tiny lights, and placing them in various places on his desk it kind of resembled Bilbo’s workspace.

Thyrsus challenge their own bodies with horrible diseases. The mage is using his knowledge of prime to increase the “Feedback” on spells. The mage creates an object in the digital world space accessed through the Mind 4 spell Virtual Voyage.

I even toyed with the idea of having a little pouch filled with brightly xreative bits. The donor does not lose access to the merit.

Transitory 1 Turn Aspect: This structure can not be moved once made. Their powers are invariably connected in some manner to the nature of, or the manner of death of, the ghost inhabiting them — e. To gain this beneft, the mage must either cast this spell with the required Duration or recast the spell whenever the Duration expires. It could be covert in the casting, but a sleeper witnessing the event in which one object passes through the other, could undo the spell with potential dangerous results, like trapping the object inside the other, or making them fly apart and all the structural damage that entails.

I’ll lay out a few ideas to see what you guy think. It all seemed to come naturally: In doing so, she must destroy the physical object and cast this spell, creating thaumatkrgy digital replica available to be used in that space, much like the Death 3 spell Ghostly Object Thaymaturgy These items may be turned into a rote, following the rules from MtA p.