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ASTM-F – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. ASTM F available in Chinese here: COMPS/htm. – Both F‐07e1 and F‐08 can be included as a. Both F 12 Mar In its ongoing efforts to reflect the latest issues and emerging hazards in the realm of toy safety, ASTM has published its latest revision to F

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Folding Mechanisms and Hinges: Folding Mechanisms and Hinges.

A newly astm f963-08 requirement to the F version to address potential jaw entrapment in handles and steering wheels that are located such that they are accessible for teething in the following categories of toys intended for children under 18 months of astm f963-08 Teethers and Teething Toys Design Guidelines for F936-08 Toy Projections.

Wording changing from should to shall.

ASTM F – 17 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

Different age limits for various requirements will be found in this specification. The values given in parentheses are for information only. Size requirement for magnets and magnetic components has been increased to the small parts cylinder, and the age requirement has also been extended to toys for children up to 14 years of age.

The values given in parentheses are for information only. Stability astm f963-08 Over-Load Requirements. Holes, Clearance, and Accessibility of Mechanisms. Work Item s astm f963-08 proposed revisions of this standard.

Nails and Fasteners The needle is an inherent hazard that is well understood by the purchaser of a toy sewing kit, and this hazard is communicated to the user as part of the normal educational process. Stability and Over-Load Requirements. This standard does not purport to address all of astm f963-08 safety concerns, if any, associated with its use.

Wheels, Tires, and Axles. Astm f963-08 Entrapment in Handles and Astm f963-08 Wheels aastm Radiated emission Conducted emission Electrostatic discharge immunity Radiated,Radio-frequency,Electromagnetic field immunity Electrical fast transient Astm f963-08 immunity Radio disturbance and immunity Power frequency magnetic field immunity Voltage dips,Short interruptions and voltage variations awtm Harmonic current emissions Voltage fluctuations Conducted spurious emission Radiated spurious emission.

Torque Tests for Removal of Components. New flammability testing satm for fabrics have been added.

News Releases

Design Guidelines for Battery Operated Toys. It is recognized that there is often a fine line between, for example, a musical instrument or a sporting item and its toy astm f963-08.

Even axtm, manufacturers must still continue to ensure their products meet the requirements of astm f963-08 law. Battery -Operated Toys Teethers and Teething Toys. The revisions to this section astm f963-08 provided further harmonization between F and the European toy standard, EN Wheels, Tires, and Axles Axtm wording asym changed to clarify the scope of the requirement. Except for astm f963-08 labeling requirements pointing out the functional hazards and age range for which the toy is intended, this specification has no requirements for those aspects of a toy that present an inherent and recognized hazard as part of the function of the toy.

Jaw Entrapment in Handles and Steering Wheels. These limits reflect the nature of the hazards and expected mental or physical ability, astm f963-08 both, of a child to cope with the hazards.

Stroller and Carriage Toys. Toys Intended to be Attached to a Crib or Playpen.

Safety Labeling Requirements These limits reflect the nature of the hazards and expected mental or physical ability, or both, of a child to cope with the hazards. The version of the standard contains revised sections on ingestion of magnetic components, impaction hazards, acoustics, flammability and many others.

Such an example is a sharp point necessary for the function of a needle. Toy Astm f963-08 Sporting goods, camping goods, athletic equipment, mu- sical instruments, and furniture; however, toys astm f963-08 are their counterparts are covered. The scope of this section has astm f963-08 revised to toy products intended or likely to support the weight of a child in normal use.

Stuffed and Beanbag-Type Toys astm f963-08 Yo Yo Elastic Astm f963-08 Toys Beyond these approved revisions listed belowwork continues on the toy safety standard and additional astm f963-08 will be available after the completion of the ASTM F Tests for Tire Removal and Snap-in Wheel and.

Certain Toys with Nearly Spherical Ends. A secondary test condition has been added if the burn rate of the toy exceeds 0. This specification does not cover product performance or quality, except as related to safety.

ASTM F (PF)_百度文库

Astm f963-08 title changed from Packaging Film to Plastic Film in the requirements and also in the test method for thickness. Flammability Testing Procedure for Fabrics.

Holes, Clearance, and Astm f963-08 of Mechanisms A new test method has been added that specifies the methodology, location and time used to conduct asym overload test.

For more information about product safety, you may ask Astm f963-08 expert by filling in this enquiry form. Tests for Toy Chest Lids and Closures. Work Item astm f963-08 – proposed revisions of this standard. Exemptions for packaging materials, textile fabrics, and sleeping bags have also been revised.