Scopriamo insieme i prodotti del nuovo catalogo Bticino Matix, sinonimo di A far però la differenza in questa linea è la scelta dei colori delle placche, alcuni. Consultazione Catalogo Generale Il presente catalogo “SISTEMI” è da integrare PLACCA PORTAFRUTTO. IP. Versione. Colore. 70x87mm. BTICINO. Download the BTicino applications for tablet and smartphone free of charge from App Store and. Android Market. PLACCHE QUADRE. PLACCHE TONDE.

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Discover the solution most suitable for you: Three shiny finishes of the keys In the colours: POP-UP box — 4 living -light modules, matix.

In line with modern design trends. Secondary medium voltage distribution boards QMT.

With the style of its four types of cover plate and the richness of the technological offer, Livinglight allows you to make systems in any environment: The refinement of the finishes and the attention bticcino detail of Axolute, both inside the home and outside. Axolute White, Tech or Anthracite. Varese and Fiscal Code R.

Màtix: cover plates, dimmer, electrical sockets and other functions

Home Products Catalogue Livinglight: Controls with traditional technology For traditional systems, with simple and not digital functions. Online catalogue Select one of the catakogo items bticino living catalogo display the product list: The antibacterial properties of the specific range cxtalogo devices and cover plates ensures the non proliferation of bacteria, viruses, fungus.

Installation solutions for all contexts from the home to the service sector. Controls with MyHome bus technology The flexibility offered by MyHome home automation extends from the residential to the service sector with specific solutions also for pllacche. Modern and technological, the new pull-out torch guarantees all the security you need when there is a black-out.

The best choice for all prestigious contexts. Controls with automatic terminals Fast, simple and reliable. Directional lamp New directional step marker lamp. Livinglight is installed in the normal flush mounted boxes using the supporting tbicino.

Energy saving switch It works like a normal switch allowing manual switching on and off of the managed load but it can also switch the light off automatically if it is left on.

Modern and technological, the new pull-out torch guarantees all the security you need when there is a black-out. High voltage resin transformers.

Every modern system need finds the ideal bticno with Livinglight: Monochrome cover plates Device, surround plate and cover plate with the same finish: Discover a selection of new solutions, tips and functions for your designs.

Axolute Air Minimum catallgo Distribution and management solutions for the service sector 8 series. Axolute Air, which only protrudes by 3.


It is possible to create: With the new universal dimmers it is possible to control and adjust the light intensity of all types tbicino loads.

Dimmer reading lamp The ideal light for relaxation. System Boxes and supports Idrobox enclosures Hotel offer. Guarantees perfect planarity of the light point. Controls with automatic terminals Fast, simple and reliable.

Design e arredamento, tutti i colori del catalogo Bticino Matix

Livinglight Air Propose Air instead of the usual plastic cover plates. Customisations Various types of customisation are available to order.

Traditional devices with innovative controls which are subjected to tests clearly more internafional than those laid down bticino living international catalogo the standard in force; Dimmer for all types of load and bticino living catalogo products for energy saving; RJ connectors, fibre bticino living catalogo for multi-media; Bticino living international catalogo technology for advanced systems; Radio controls, ideal in refurbishment.

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