The Chopper Builders Handbook CD’s. The Chopper Builders Handbook CD’s. The Chopper Builders Handbook came about as much by accident as by. Posted on 01/05/ by Gary. As some of you might already know I’ve.

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In addition to the Springer information this CD also includes 9 plan sheets and 50 pages of fabrication instructions and 30 detailed photographs for the fabrication of a classic Leafer front end. I did not feel it was appropriate to go on a persons web site and ask such a question. I think Bosch was the first to come out with a 4-inch grinder.

I’m pretty sure I still have the dimensions stored away. The objective of this new endeavor is to provide bike builders all of the various parts, bits and pieces and even complete assemblies for the buildesr that the Chopper Builders Handbook has so far only provided plans for.

I would like to post a couple of WTB posts for parts that can not be fabricated. The easiest way to straighten or align long sections of tubing is to insert a piece of 1″ thick-wall tube or solid bar as an extension handle deep inside the rail and apply a little manual pressure in short ‘bursts’ using the leverage of the ‘extension’ handle.

If you don’t have a jig however you’ll have to improvise some way of attaching the neck-piece onto some type of long rod that you can use for alignment.

Cut the template and scotch tape it together at the seam leaving it just loose enough to slip down over the tube end. Active Threads back again building again sayin hello Last Post: This was an opportunity I could not pass up. Once you get the control line scribed out its time to sit the frame on top of it.

About The Handbook

If possible leave this initial cut-mark a little on the long side so you’ll have some ‘fudge’ room for fine tuning and fitting as we progress. In part four of this series we bent the forward portion of the lower rails that created the down tube section and now we’ve got to create the joint where the two down tubes connect at their uppermost end.

Before we get back on track and start on the down tube notches it may be important to reemphasize the importance of building a welding jig one piece at a time while we’re also building our first frame. Big Al and I have been friends for about 10 years but we’ve never actually met each other in person.

Building a ‘real’ chopper is a lot like building a Rolex watch. And right now, I’m happy with my Sporty front end the way it is ok, so I’d like it lowered and probably shaved except for the brake so I don’t see me putting a girder on it.

The warehouse guy is going thru his check list. There is probably not much on the site that will benefiet you either at this point and time.

Homemade Tools built by Chopper Builder’s Handbook –

In this view the hole saw is pulled back almost to the starting position. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless handbpok respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message s. Note that the lower rails at this stage are simply straight with no bends in the rear sections. I got chhopper because you never know when it will all be locked down. My notes indicated that the material was.

If you’re just starting out with the basic tools you can fabricate all of the motor and tranny mount plates, axle plates, springer, girder or leafer trees and other flat parts without breaking the bank.

About The Handbook | Chopper Builders Handbook

To get off track for a moment I’d just like to say that most of us have probably never ridden a perfectly aligned bike so we have nothing to compare our riding experience against.

The only really critical thing at this point is to keep the centerline of the notch parallel to the frame rails in the longitudinal direction and square and plumb with the frame centerline in the transverse or horizontal direction. One school holds that it’s better to uandbook in the axle plates before you weld on the steering neck and the other holds that it’s better to weld in the neck and fit the adjusters secondarily.

Again, the matter of personal preferences dictates many facets of custom chopper construction. Home About The Handbook. It’s also loaded with builedrs of handy charts, graphs and tables including all of the trig functions.

Thankfully they are very affordable nowadays.

The Chopper Builders Handbook

There are exceptions and the technical advice on our own board and the Horse magazine forums are both populated with some very talented and skilled builders that are willing to help people out. Large shops usually use an end mill.

The tube in Figure 6. The red ink highlights areas where we need to dress the cuts to get a perfect fit between the two tubes.

This snapshot is one of our neighbors taken from the back door of the shop.