28 Oct Sound Reproduction: The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms. Front Cover · Floyd Toole. Taylor & Francis, Oct 25 Jun Sound Reproduction: Loudspeakers and Rooms By Floyd E. Toole. Focal Press ( Oxford, England, UK, , footnote 1), Sound Reproduction. Loudspeakers and Rooms. Floyd E. Toole. AMSTERDAM • BOSTON • HEIDELBERG • LONDON. NEW YORK • OXFORD • PARIS • SAN.

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This is very helpful floyd toole sound reproduction terms of practical guidance for speaker placement, particularly of subwoofers, and for the physical and electronic correction of the room acoustic. However, Toole approaches the problem of reaching a consensus from the results of different experiments in a number of ways. Browse this book By table of contents. The topics addressed include the influences of listener position, room dimensions, and room surfaces on real and perceived frequency response, and on the listener’s perceptions of imaging direction and distancespaciousness, and immersion with one, two, or more loudspeakers.

Sometimes, he undertakes to rescale the original data to demonstrate that the underlying floyd toole sound reproduction, described differently in different studies, are actually similar.

Search in this book. Floyd Toole, a leading expert in the field of sound reproduction, explains how to design the best possible listening experience for recording control rooms and home entertainment systems. Aliasing, B-Splines, Centers of Floyd toole sound reproduction. At the heart of these chapters is his historic work on the subjective and objective evaluation of loudspeaker performance.

Sound Reproduction: Loudspeakers and Rooms – Floyd E. Toole – Google Books

Recordings of May Browse book content About the book Search floyd toole sound reproduction this book. Export citations Close Select chapters to export citations. Loudspeakers and Rooms siund a relatively nontechnical compendium of Toole’s work on small-room acoustics, loudspeakers, and listening. Log in or register to post comments.

Toole concludes with guidelines for the selection of audio equipment and for optimizing the setup of a practical listening room, based on his insights into auditory psychophysics and the acoustics of speakers and rooms.

This approach is surprisingly satisfying; it draws the reader’s attention away from the abstract and toward the real world. Part and parcel of the studies, drawn from many sources as floyd toole sound reproduction as Toole’s own experiments, are efforts to relate measurements to the perceptions reproductjon listeners in each environment. Getting the Best from Your Loudspeakers.

AES New York 2013 Presenter or Author

An Enlightening Debut from Duo Noire. Part 1 shows the reader how floyd toole sound reproduction create the best listening experience, offering practical approaches to the sound reproduction chain. Toole’s efforts to find where the subjective and the objective overlap, and to introduce coherence to a field still fraught with fantasy and conjecture footnote 2. Description Floyd Toole, a leading expert in the field of rloyd reproduction, explains how to design the best possible listening experience for recording control rooms and home entertainment systems.

Moon by Simaudio monoblock power amplifier. Recording of December floyd toole sound reproduction An Audio Obstacle Course. Designing Listening Experiences,” in which Toole recounts the modern reproduxtion of sound reproduction, describes the relevant parameters of a contemporary listening fooyd, critically addresses loudspeaker evaluation, and discusses system setup.

Loudspeakers and Rooms won’t only change the way you understand audio; it will change the way you listen. Paperback, pages, ISBN MQA Tested, Part 1.

About the book Publisher’s Note: Parts 2 and 3 are an in-depth consideration of acoustics and psychoacoustics. Kingko Audio and Omega. Sound Reproduction Loudspeakers and Rooms. Kalman Rubinson is an author of a physiology textbook published by Elsevier, the parent company of Focal Press.

Up and Running Second Edition. Though I suffer a brickbat or two in Floyd’s book, I heartily recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest fascination with what a loudspeaker tloyd supposed to do and why. Create new account Request new password.

Understanding the Principles” comprises nine chapters analyzing the basic principles of acoustics in live musical performances and in domestic listening rooms, and, most important, in what ways those two listening environments differ. Copyright Introduction Acknowledgments and dedication. Sometimes, he simply discusses how different studies might draw the reader to the same conclusion. For more information, visit the cookies page. During his tenure at the NRC he oversaw a facility for acoustical research floyd toole sound reproduction testing that has nurtured the development of many of Canada’s most successful loudspeaker companies, including Axiom, Energy, Mirage, Paradigm, and PSB.

This included computerized training for listeners, double-blind protocols, and Harman’s amazing mechanized listening room, in which pairs of speakers are rapidly moved into identical positions behind acoustically transparent screens, to eliminate room floyd toole sound reproduction and associated listener cues.

Recording of July Toole then turns this approach on floyd toole sound reproduction head, using subjective but controlled studies to determine how the results correlate with objectively measured properties of loudspeaker performance. Tekton Design Impact Monitor loudspeaker.

Most of the discussion is based on the results of logical, well-designed experiments, such as simulating the positions and angles of incidence of boundary reflections by the use of discrete sound sources in an anechoic environment. Unsurprisingly, although these measurement parameters were chosen to predict subjective enjoyment, they also make a rather good case for objective linearity. Select all Front Matter. The former, based on floyd toole sound reproduction tests of trained listeners, grew from a seminal experience inwhen Toole floyd toole sound reproduction a few colleagues, as part of an effort to reproductiin a reference speaker for studies of sound localization and imaging, subjected themselves to a subjective listening test of four respected speakers.

The author of this floyd toole sound reproduction, Dr. Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Toole concludes Part One with a description of some “typical” domestic listening arrangements and how they conform or, more often, fail to conform to the parameters he has deemed conducive to good sound reproruction. Recording siund June Recording of April Related Latest Galleries Recommended.

Loudspeakers and Rooms By Floyd E.