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Picjering, as we have seen, was fully capable of writing such intricate, challenging works. You got a lot of good answers to your question about Jane Pickering. Her precise and elegant hand fills the first 36 folios, beginning with a selection of duets.

The next pieces jump a generation, and are part of this second layer of copying. Tablature signs are digital. These files are intended for cases where you want to conserve disk space.

BIS Records – Jane Pickering Lute Book

A toy anon 2. A similar work, called the “Old Medley”, exists, and is variously attributed to John and Edward Johnson.

It is not known which version came first, though the melodies have a distinctly English flavour. She copied them into the tiny gaps remaining at the foot of several pages, after more substantial pieces had claimed most of the pickreing, and we are indebted to her for this endearing habit. Can anyone tell me anything more about her and her famous lute book?

Forum rules Topics archived from Public Space and its subforums after a long period of inactivity, or redundant for some other reason. Reading modern musical notation at sight takes years of training. If you contact me I’ll send it all to you.

I’m going to assume that the little piece “A toy” that I have mastered thus far is one of the easier pieces from her book, or else a transcription for easy guitar of an originally more difficult piece.

Classical Guitar

A Toy anon Some scribes copied the divisions from their exemplar, some wrote their own into their manuscripts, others copied only the plain lutee pieces and probably improvised embellishments lutee with each performance.

High quality Apple Audio Codec files. Only 3 pieces are added in this later writing style, one of them a duplicate on an earlier entry. Then I had a photographer make negative paper copies. If Jane and scribes like her had not seized the opportunity offered by a few inches of blank stave, many of these appealing little tunes, drawn from a largely oral tradition, would have been lost for ever.

Jane Pickering’s Lute Book (Pickering, Jane)

Canadian composer, musician, orchestrator, arranger and sound designer Third Annual Concert of Music by Bill Robinson: A Toye up tails all anon 7. A Fantasia John Dowland A Toye anon 4.

Sweet Robyne John Dowland Listen to: This section is read-only. All the best from eraagaar, Oslo, Norway. It is an exact copy of the original CD, and includes CD artwork and pute info.

Where no divisions are included, Pickernig Heringman has improvised his own, rather than import them from another source. Binding incorporates coat of arms of King James I. But as I mentioned, I have no idea how to read lute tablature; I am just a very amateurish amateur guitarist, and my sight reading of even modern musical notation is almost non-existent beyond the first position.

Most people download these: You will by now have recieved my Jane Pickering tablature reading instructions. A pavin by mr Johnson John Johnson However, Jane’s manuscript still conveys a vivid impression of her musical taste, technical attainment, and even the type of instrument she owned.

Almaine by francis Cuttinge Francis Cutting 5. Initially these tunings were used for a repertory which was wholly French in origin, including new French dance forms such as luts Sarabande and the Courante. Lute transcriptions from keyboard originals are uncommon, simply because most keyboard solos have too wide a compass and are too complex to transfer idiomatically to the lute.

Perfect quality WAV files.