The LAPSSET Corridor. Program is a regional flagship project intended to provide transport and logistics infrastructure aimed at creating seamless connectivity. Youths, local industries to reap more from Lapsset project the Kililana site of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport Corridor Project. The multi-billion-dollar LAPSSET project promises to transform Kenya — including the oldest Swahili settlement on the African coast. LAPSSET.

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The High Grand falls will be used to create a manmade Lake at its dam with a lapdset to controlling perennial flooding within the lower Tana Basin. The project will involve the following components: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The road was upgraded into a 2 lane tarmac road. The timeline of the project is not clear, including when it started and when it should be finished. In addition to this the project is also spearheading the development of associated infrastructure sub projects in particular the High Grand Falls that is envisaged to produce MW of power and provide water to Lamu city, Lamu Port and metropolis and irrigation of mega farms planned for the Tana Delta among other areas within the Corridor.

A consortium of companies led by China Communications Construction Company CCCC was reported to have won the bid for construction of the first three berths at Lamu port. Daily Nation Friday 6 January Retrieved 27 April The Government has just completed the electric power connection for the Lamu Port of kV transmission line from Rabai through Malindi and Garsen to Lamu.

Southern Sudan will be in charge of constructing a route from Nakodok to Juba while Ethiopia will construct a road from Moyale to Addis Abbaba.

Lamu Port and Lamu-Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport Corridor

Views Read Edit View history. This road project does present an lapseet for private sector participation. The project was later revived and included in Kenya Vision In the news More news. As such considerations are being made to commence construction of crude oil pipeline from Lokichar to Lamu Port to evacuate Kenyan oil as more preparations are llapsset to complete negotiations on the construction of joining crude oil pipelines from Uganda and South Sudan oil fields.

The local council will then acquire the land title and make money from leasing out the land and charging rates. Archived from the original on 27 September The consultants also developed a conceptual design for the resort city with more than 10 preliminary models of the city. The plans include rules on land usage and guidance on private sector and local community involvement. The Corporation is mandated to manage the development of the following infrastructure project components which are key Transport, Energy and Communication investments.

What does “development” actually look like? The case of LAPSSET – African Arguments

The government is also in the process of mobilising more resources from its own revenue resources as well as from private sector investors through equity and debt including bonds while mobilisation of more funds through equity and debt participation by investor for the construction of the first three berths and its associated infrastructure. The road begins at Merille River and runs in a northerly direction and terminates at Marsabit. Preparations are at an advanced stage towards the construction of a parallel taxiway and aircraft apron area to improve capacity of the airport.

The Isiolo resort city is to be established under a public private partnership at a cost of KES Donate Donate to the Bretton Woods Project. Some projects like the Isiolo-Merille projects began in The plans also cater for growth and development of the city for the next 20 to 30 years. Inthe Isiolo County Council was asked to set 6, acres of land aside for establishment of the resort city. Related resources How infrastructure is shaping the world; a critical introduction to infrastructure mega-corridors 18 December With these developments, the original plan and design for the crude oil pipeline has to be reviewed to accommodate these new discoveries.

Construction works are currently ongoing for Airport Terminal Building which is scheduled for completion by end of Protests have also erupted against plans to build a coal-fired power plant in the vicinity of Lamu Port, with the African Development Bank considering providing finance for the project.

Residents will be compensated for the acquisition. The area also boasts a wide variety of plants and animals, including the big fiveleading to it also being known as the Jewel in the crown. The Government has so far allocated KES 4.

In order to support the development of the crude oil pipeline, the Government has identified the need to simultaneously construct the Lamu-Lokichar Road alongside the pipeline.

The road from Lamu will pass through Hola and Bura to Garissa. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The site is located at Kipsing Gap, 20 kilometres west of Isiolo town.

Members of the herding community around the village of Nakukulas prohect barricaded roads in protest. The Government has completed construction works on the 1. Retrieved from ” https: Construction was originally expected to begin by end of once feasibility studies prohect to German company ILF were complete. Under Kenya’s new constitution, it will be mandatory for the government to get consent from the locals before commencing with the project.

South Sudan is optimistic of transporting its first oil via the pipeline in if construction begins immediately after completion of feasibility studies. Indeed, Kenyans lapssrt Ethiopians will soon be able to enjoy improved transport and logistics services and transact business between Addis Ababa, Lamu and Nairobi. There is already significant private sector interest being registered towards the implementation of these project components hence the need has arisen for the government to structure and package bankable projects that are investor ready lapssrt uptake by private sector.

In addition to the above the Government has prioritised the provision of appropriate infrastructural service aimed at supporting the massive investments planned for the LAPSSET Corridor. This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat The project construction works are complete.

Kipsing Gap was picked in preference of Kulamawe and Archers Post due to security, accessibility, cultural diversity, natural diversity, wildlife, water availability, electricity, sewer system among other factors. Although the project is not formally stalled, its short to medium term success looks increasingly unlikely.

Kenya is spearheading the development of Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia-Transport LAPSSET Corridor Project to strengthen the country’s position as a gateway and a transport and logistics hub to the East African sub-region and the Great Lakes region to facilitate trade, promote regional economic integration and interconnectivity between African countries. Isiolo will be linked to Nairobi through one route, to Nakodok, near Lokichogio via another and to Moyale via the third route.

The Government has prioritised the participation of private sector in the development of LAPSSET Corridor infrastructure through infrastructure bonds and equity participation among other money market instruments. The authority will push for public private partnerships to help in implementation of the project.