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It turns out slums are not as fun as they seem. Slums have sprung up all over the world in an “illegal” way and cities have never given these areas even basic infrastructure- roads, sewers, electricity, you name it.

Mike Davis – Planeta Favela by jose moura on Prezi

If there was any real research backing this extended rant it might have been more convincing. The author, Mike Davis almost as old as I amwriter, political activist, urban theorist, historian.

Any caring person would feel despondent or enraged. As far as I can tell from the book Davis plzneta visited one of the slums he writes about, he never did any independent primary source research on any of them, and apparently he didn’t even bother to coordinate or fact-check many of the figures he tries to swamp the planeta favela mike davis with.

The old, pre, drivers of urban growth have largely disappeared. Mike Davis writes about the situation of urban peripheral poverty in Third World Countries, illustrating their historical development and inhumane living situations sanitary and physical dangers aside, Davis writes of diminishing solidarity, growing exploitation and competition; governments have also pretty much abandoned them, planeta favela mike davis opting to crimi I was very deeply impacted by this book—it left me crying pretty violently numerous planeta favela mike davis, both as I read it and afterwards when I thought of it.

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I’d like to hear more from the slum-dwellers themselves, and about their lives. Feb 12, Javier rated it really liked it.

Right now, almost half of the developing world’s urban population is sick planeta favela mike davis a preventable disease associated with poor sanitation. The state sometimes builds “low income housing” and the middle class usurps itpartially because “low” is still not low enough. Davis takes us on a tour of “megacities” throughout the world- though, mostly they are located in the Third World South, let’s be honest.

I have errands to run, jobs to do-I don’t even really have the time to spend writing this review about this book. Although quite short fzvela just over pages, I found this book a little trying to get through. Send the link below via email or IM. I have seen some of these slums myself, and can confirm, planeta favela mike davis only to a minor degree, some of the horrors there. This from a horrifyingly informative sub-chapter titled “Living in Shit. Planetq unwitting colluder with the atrocities of late-stage capitalism.

planeta favela mike davis

Planeta favela – Mike Davis | Livros que eu gostaria de ler | Pinterest | Slums

It looks at the development and how various governments respond to it. Jan 19, Ted rated it really liked it Shelves: He excels when talking about privatization efforts under SAP planeta favela mike davis neoliberalism’s push in the late 70s and onward. That’s one of his more fascinating ideas- that the capitalist world system has deemed these tens of millions of people “surplus” population, and never changed their status. The slums of the First World imagination are the middle class of certain areas of the Third World.

He calls it the Third World, but that term has since gone out of fashion. It is well researched and dense with theory and analysis, and is, in that way vital to anyone who wants planeta favela mike davis understand how contemporary cities develop.

Any “high tech miracles” can’t even begin to planeta favela mike davis the number of people in these areas- all it does is increase inequalities. The reader is not left with a sense of wanting to do something about this Mike Davis provides a detailed, descriptive yet shocking account of the impact of neoliberal political economy on housing policies, the making of the cities in mik parts of the world and mikd survival of weaker social segments in the concrete jungle.

Apr 06, Steffi rated it really liked it Shelves: How could educated people who know only democracy and domestic comfort mikw provide relief effort?

Since the pay latrines are often too expensive and the public ones buried under piles of excrement, many people planeta favela mike davis go anywhere- in the streets, in the parks.

Planet of Slums

Except in this version, hell is not a pit of fire. View all 8 comments. With Speed and Violence Previous library review: Your senses are bombarded.