Shirish Ko Phool comes as a respite from otherwise politically dominated novels in Nepal. Written by Bishnu Kumari Waiba, known popularly with her. 16 Aug ‘Shirish ko Phool’ is the eldest novel of Parijat. This novel doesn’t only ranks high for being the eldest one but also is admired by millions of. Title:Shirish ko Phool. ISBN Author:Parijat. Publisher:Sajha Prakashan. Publish Year Edition:Twenty-oneth Edition. Cover:Paper Back.

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She is an example of a strong woman, who has her own dignity, self-respect and a sense of purity in her. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sirish ko phool reflection of fading the pain and misery away of one only with the dusty smoke of cigarettes really touches the heart of the readers.

Shivaraj has three sisters: Sakambari is presented as a strong, independent pool spiteful woman with atheistic attitudes who resents looking weak in front of her male counterparts while Sitish is a lowly mortal who sees Sakambari to be stronger than him. This story is basically about a person sirish ko phool Suyog, who was a former soldier in the British-Gurkha Army and had fought in the Second World War ; he had retired after the sirish ko phool was over and now maintained his living by the pension he got.

Shirish Ko Phool – Novel – Nepali Novel Station

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He sirish ko phool goes to a bar for drinking where he finds a younger drinking partner Shivaraj who takes Suyog to his home where he meets Sakambaria woman sixteen years younger than him and sirish ko phool one he grows infatuated to.

No matter what, the writer has tried compressing the stages of dirish as well. Suyog was a character who was always in a conflict with himself.

Shiva raj is a man whose life phol full of responsibilities, he has at home three unmarried sister and their studies to support. Parijat has shadowed the feelings sirish ko phool infatuation and attraction among opposite gender. On one corner of the novel we find the following line:. Shirish Ko Phool comes as a respite from otherwise politically dominated novels in Nepal.

Sirish ko phool The blue mimosa. This novel has high prestige in the galaxy of Nepali literature.

pjool He is so conscious about his old age and his own past experiences. The lines in the novel carry much effectiveness and pain such as: Views Read Edit View history. This beautiful novel was written by one of the most talented sirish ko phool in the Sirish ko phool literature sector, we all know her as Parijat. Born in Darjeeling, India where she completed part of her schooling, she moved to Kathmandu, Nepal where she spent the rest of her life. Bhattarai is… Read more….

This site uses cookies. This book was siish by Sanjha prakashan, in B. We also come to know that he never wanted to be in the Army, he sirish ko phool ashamed to be called a soldier and when he thinks of the memories in the troops all he remembers is the experience of him having physical contact with women. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The novel carries the passion of living a life being human, obliterating and facing the impediments that comes.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here She was, and still is regarded as the first modern novelist of Nepal. Although, Suyogbir lives with his same old body. Sirish ko phool less than a week trek through the subtropical jungle to high-altitude desert towards the Himalayan highway residing in the… Read more…. Its ending is dissatisfactory as I still had lots of expectations, many questions that still remained unanswered but overall the feel that the story tries to present is sirish ko phool.

Shirish Ko Phool by Parijat- Book Review

He is drowned by sins; he is a coward to accept his faults as he knows he has to again correct it. An ex-army serviceman Suyog fought against Japan in the second world war but being poor hearted was not even able to kill a single soldier and had not received any medal.

Also, he is someone who is one way siish another running away from life. Sirish ko phool compete with men like Suyog and be able to stand in the same level as them, women must learn sirish ko phool be like Sakambari.

Shirish Ko Phool by Parijat

Cover-page of Shiris ko Phool. Social login I agree to the use of cookies as per Privacy Policy.

Its length was accurate neither too long, nor very short. He drowns into depression and despair and tries to get out of it eventually.

Shirish Ko Phool by Parijat- Book Review | STORY BUCKET

The characters in the novel are: The feelings of a alcoholic sirish ko phool soldier and his reasons to visit the bar every passing day is shown here. By continuing to use this website, you agree phokl their use. Mujura, Sakambari and Sanu. Once out of the troop he still has the same perception until he meets Sakambari. Suyogbir too finds his life and sirish ko phool meaningless, when he realizes his love for half-age younger lady is unacceptable. In the book, Sakambari is presented as the Shirish from where title of the book comes froma flower that blooms giving warmth to the cold world.